Why We Using Air-Coating Technology

No Wastewater Discharge

Huntertex does not need to use water or solvent as a medium, and directly coats atomized materials 100% on the surface of fabrics and fibers, achieving the most effective material application.

Non-PFC Durable Water Repellent

We know there are still a potential health and safety concerns even with PFOA & PFOS free product. They are from shorter chain compounds and also harm the environment in a slowly way. Both chemicals are toxic and persistent, meaning they do not break down or are not degradable. Huntertex prefers to use a fluorocarbon free water repellent as a long-term solution.
Air-Coating technology can adopt our proprietary PFC free molecules and directly attach them to every fiber of the fabric. It is also washable and durable.

Breathable & Stretchable

The molecules form Air-Coating technology is extremely fine and directly attach to every fiber of the fabric. It's not like a film or gel, therefore it will not change the physical properties of the fabrics.

Specific Metals are the source of function & fashion

Metals can be infused with such functions like anti-Bacterial, anti-Static, and thermoregulation.
Since we don’t use either chemical synthesis or nanotechnology to produce silver molecules, our products do not irritate the skin, and will not cause human cells to lyse when used.

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