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Atomize Specific Materials

Huntertex uses proprietary air-coating technology to atomize specific materials, transforming them into an extremely small molecular state, and then using precision nozzle control technology to stably coat the surface of fabrics and fibers with the molecular material.

Water And Solvent Free Process

Unlike conventional coating or dipping processes, Huntertex does not need to use water or a solvent as a medium, and directly coats atomized materials completely onto the surface of fabrics and fibers, achieving the most effective material application. Naturally, there is no wastewater discharge.

Still You, And Been Strengthen

Due to the precision nozzle control of air-coating technology, Huntertex is able to achieve coatings that are only molecules thick. It does not change the original texture and physical properties of the fabrics and fibers while giving it more powerful functions.


Green process, no wastewater discharge.

Silver ions are not just from a thread.

Metal can help you warm.

Instant cooling is Not Cool.

We Show off in an Eco way.

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