Green Process,
Permanent Protection

The permanent anti-bacterial protection will never be washed out, even after50 times washes,
the reduction remains 99.9% in mostly bacterials.

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Antibacterial Activity Test : Prewash 50 cycles

As Per AATCC135 & AATCC 100


Percent Reduction of Bacteria (R)

Test Item

- Staphylococcus Aureus (ATCC 6538P)
- Escherichia Coli (ATCC 8739)
- Candida Albicans (ATCC 10231)
- Klebsiella Pneumoniae (ATCC 4352)
- Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (ATCC 10145)

Test Report
Made With Air-coating Technology
Victect silver fiber is a type of permanent anti-bacterial fiber that does not go through conventional coating or dippinging processes. It is made by evenly coating atomized silver molecules on each fiber using proprietary air-coating technology.

The proprietary air-coating technology ensures the molecules adhere to the fabric for extended periods of time. The Victect molecules will not fall off and allowing for long-term use.
Just Silver, Not Nanotechnology
Since we don’t use either chemical synthesis or nanotechnology to produce silver fibers, our products do not irritate the skin, and will not cause human cells to lyse when used.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we realized how important the public health is, and knowing face mask can prevent you from the disease spreader, Victect fabric been tested ISO 18184:2019 standard, and It shows a 99.9% reduction of H1N1virus(common flu), on a Victect fabric, within a 2 hours timespan.





0 Wastewater

No Cytotoxicity

How Victect Works
Victect silver fiber releases silver ions in liquid form.
When the fabric absorbs sweat, 
the silver ions that are released will destroy the cell wall of bacteria and prevent bacteria
from breeding, creating excellent anti-bacterial effects.

It lets you stay fresh and
comfortable throughout the day bacteria free.
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