Huntertex is hunting gear technology that hunters of the future will depend on, providing them with comprehensive protection that allows them to quickly adapt to different rigorous environments as they wait for their prey.

We strive to develop processing methods without any wastewater discharge, increasing the performance of functional materials and achieving zero pollution.

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Research and Development

Before Huntertex was formally established, we invested 5 years in machinery development and experimentation. In 2019, we redefined the finishing process for textiles, and successfully developed a waterless finishing process.

About our product

Huntertex uses proprietary air-coating technology to atomize functional materials, creating better adhesion to the surface of fabrics and fibers. Molecular grade functional coating: It is not only lightweight, but is also able to keep the original characteristics and texture of the fabric and fiber.

Waterless Production is Just the Beginning

The new waterless processing method gives fabrics and fibers new life and produces zero wastewater discharge. This is our way of contributing to the Earth's sustainability. Change starts now. Let us leave a clean planet for our future generations.

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